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Im Jahr 2010 wurde cre-aktiv das erste Mal auf die Autorin und Malerin Heidi Trautmann aufmerksam und verfolgt seither ihre künstlerische Laufbahn. An dieser Stelle der weiterführende Hinweis auf einen ihrer Reisebericht in englischer Sprache | Juni 2018:

Before you start reading about our experiences of a ten day trip to this country, open a map of the area and see for yourself the situation Jordan finds itself in geographically and politically. They only have one chance and that is – what they have been doing since the foundation of The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan – to promote peace and to act as negotiator. And only today I listened to a speech King Abdullah II was holding at the European Parliament which deepened my respect for this country and its royal leader.

Speech of king Abdullah II of Jordan

In 1999 we, my husband and I, took part in the famous EMYR Rallye with our sailing boat Early Bird and we visited - coming from Turkey - North Cyprus (for the first time), Syria, Lebanon, Israel and Egypt; we had planned to go to Jordan then but somehow it did not work out. So, we were quite happy to join a group of TRNC German residents this year in May 2018 to visit the missing link on a custom-made trip that was organized by the Kyrenia Travel Agency Kaleidoskop.

Here a link to some basic information on the country: wiki | jordan

The Near East, the cradle of the monotheistic religions, a region which had been visited, crossed and conquered by numerous cultures, cultures that left their marks, wars that went on from antique times till today, with Jordan in the centre of it, Jordan a kingdom since 1921.

Our travel programme for ten days took us more or less along the ancient King’s Highway, a trade route of vital importance in the ancient Near East, connecting Africa with Mesopotamia, coming from Egypt across the Sinai Peninsula to Aquaba turning northward across Jordan to Damascus. It also served as a pilgrimage road to Mecca. Today the King’s Road - or Highway 35 and Highway 15 - follows this road, connecting Irbid in the north with Aquaba in the south.

We arrived in Amman, the capital of Jordan, coming from Larnaca after one hour and ten minutes with Royal Jordan Airlines and were met by the Jordan travel agency taking us through formalities in no time. Amman lies at an altitude of 800 m and has a moderate climate in this time of the year; it was once built, they say, on seven hills just like Rome, today on over twenty, and, on our way into town, we got an impression of its architecture and its way towards modernity with great centres of education, welfare and health, and… numerous refugee camps for those coming from Syria and Palestine these last years – we encountered refugee camps all over the country, camps that were also supported by other countries ... .

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Es gibt nur ganz wenige, die sich in ihrer Wahlheimat so intensiv in die dortige Gesellschaft einbringen, dabei was Bleibendes schaffen und ihren Namen in die Geschichte des Landes einschreiben. Eine davon ist die Autorin und Malerin Heidi Trautmann, die für ihr Engagement im Januar 2015 in Nordzypern sogar mit dem Bundesverdienstkreuz geehrt wurde.

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